Our Bismarck Skatepark and Pro Shop Is Now Closed Permanently.

"Alas, poor Skatepark!  I knew it, Horatio, a place of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."
- Hamlet (5.1.185-187) :-)

The skatepark lost its lease. We occasionally get asked if we are going to open another skatepark and we reply "If we can find the right place."

Check out our Grand Junction outdoor skateboard Mini-Ramp!

If you are in the Grand Junction area, check out the Eagle Rim Outdoor Skate Park and the Westlake Outdoor Stake Park.

If you are in the Billings area, check out the Billings Outdoor Skate Park.

If you are in the St. Cloud/Waite Park area, check out the St. Cloud Outdoor Skate Plaza.